Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer leak


It seems a leak for the anticipated trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II has been leaked days early which is scheduled to be shown during the big Star Wars Celebration going down April 13-16 in Orlando. The trailer not only showed the game’s heroes and units from the trilogy series but also the ones from the Force Awakens as well.

The 30-second footage seems to show hints of major expansions to both the single player and multiplayer aspects in the game. The story also seem to be focusing on an unknown female Empire soldier. Meanwhile, the multiplayer component will take place across the whole Star Wars saga which include the prequels as well as the new sequel.

In addition to that, pre-ordering the game nets you something called Star Wars: The Last Jedi Heroes.


*UPDATE* Video has been removed out of courteous respect for EA. Stay tune for the full reveal coming real soon

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