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A breath of wildlife in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World by Capcom is a breath of fresh air in terms of the number of games in 2017 receiving backlash because of practicing more on microtransaction instead of providing contents. This is an action role playing game seeping with so much life in its jaw dropping contents. If you haven’t bought this just yet, allow me to present to you the pros and cons of this game. I have spent hours in this game completing the storyline, with more ongoing endgame contents. With that in mind, here is my review of Monster Hunter: World.

Woo!! A Character

For the new year of 2018, allow me to start with the problems first:

Monster Hunter: World has a very steep learning curve. The game offers you the basics tutorials via the storyline, however it has only scratched the surface of what you must learn by endgame.  It is advisable to looked up some video or do some reading for better understanding of its in-depth mechanics.

It is slightly complicated in multiplayer matchmaking, including squad.  There are a few occasional bugs in between (Which has been verify for fix soon). You are also not allowed to join another player for the same storyline mission until you have finish watching the cutscene (because cutscenes are solo based).

Fishing is Easy

Other than watching your character in few action segments. Cutscenes, storyline, and writing is a lacklustre. This game is mainly driven by text, if you don’t like reading in during missions and social spaces except cutscenes. Until now I just skip through their text without knowing fully their storyline.

It is in all a very grindy MMO looter. Yup, kill, loot, craft, kill again, repetitive cycle like Diablo. There is also an occasional drop of framerates if multiple monsters appear in the same area.

Now with all that out of the way, let us get to the good part:

Monster Hunter: World has one of the most entertaining and robust character creation. You can even create a girlish guy character for the fun of it. I spent nearly 2 hours creating mine. With that also come 14 types of weapons to play with. Own is very different in terms of play style and mechanics, all of it has certain small distinctions that each player will learn and appreciate. There is no skill tree to unlock, but players will invest a lot of time in to fully master their selected weapon from timing and execution. A training room is also provided to help you practice with with your weapons to master those combos.

Monster Hunter: World has no leveling system. The game is more on gear based. There is an load out system which helps you to organize our items and gears (even naming them) for certain missions, enemies type and weaknesses. Missions overall feels rewarding. For example, you may need to break a certain monster part for it to drop certain materials. There are also investigations mechanic which helps increase the amount of reward received by the end of missions. No player who invested in any missions will leave empty handed.

Natflix and Chill

The world itself is actually a well design ecosystem which is theming with life. From little critters or herbivores moving through the world with its own food chain. The remastered songs with strings and woodwinds are spot on. Given the sense you will get from the environment, social spaces, to each boss fight will linger in your heartstrings. The sounds in each monster made is separated and unique on its own.

Monsters is in itself is created to be alive in the above mentioned Monster Hunter: World’s food chain. These monsters will be eating, drinking, stealing eggs or even sleeping throughout the game even while fighting. Monsters will react differently in every mission, including when a monster vs monster fight called territorial disputes with one another. This makes Monster Hunter: World’s missions feel unique even if you choose the same mission over and over. Each mission flow will be affected by the monster reaction.

The equipment in Monster Hunter: World are based on each monster’s appearance. This makes the aesthetic of your gear a little appealing as you need to hunt down and collect the monster’s parts to be crafted into your gear. There are no waste of design here from the bugs, critters, fishes and plants can all be collected/catch for crafting or decoration.

The game also makes good use of the environment to its advantage like falling boulders or trap vines. However, bear in mind that monsters also are able to use these environment mechanics to its own advantages also.

A Sheepy Pig

The game helps with the solo experience also by introducing Palicoes. These feline cat companions help makes solo experience more fun. You also can customize your Palicoes with its own set of gear and skills. If you have a group of friends, we may team up with 3 other people to tackle a mission. Playing with a team will scale up the monster’s health. There is a good system place for the online multiplayer where if you are disconnected from the host, the game will continue the mission offline with all the monster’s health and appearance unchanged. This makes disconnection somewhat just a trivial matter.

Monster Hunter: World’s contents are a lot to bear. It has a learning curve which increases after the first half of its contents (around 20-30 hours) is completed. After that its where the game paced itself from slightly harder difficulty to hardest difficulty (60-150 hours). You can however play at your own pace be it as you will appreciate what the game offers to you.

The game is also quite clean in the bug department. Capcom manage to hunt (pun intended) down most of the bugs and left very few. Throughout my whole gameplay, I have only encountered 3-4 bugs.

Quenching thirst

Finally let us come to the part where we all fear. Microtransaction are available in this game albeit there are merely for cosmetics purposes. There are multiple free incoming DLC contents where additional new monsters will be available to hunt. Capcom has been very supportive of the game and will continues update it regularly with free content.

Credit to Tang, Zozi and Alvind for their insightful inputs in the game opinion.

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