Playstation Experience 2017 – The Games

The Playstation Experience 2017 at KL had just come and go not long. However, the hype is still on-going considering it is the nation’s first ever gaming event that has happened. It’s a Playstation event and with that said, there were tons of games to play. We were fortunate enough to able to play some before we were swarmed by the crowd. Here is our take on the games that we have played.


Grand Turismo Sport

This game’s hype is real. It has the longest queue line of all the booths and the wait was long. However once in, it is no surprise why everyone was queuing up. The most obvious improvement we saw were the visuals and the frame rates. It was vastly improved from the earlier builds. The demo we played has 5 cars to choose with 1 track to race. Once we strapped into the seat, we are thoroughly impressed with how the game performs. It was hard for us to tell whether there were improvements in the driving but to us it performs very well. Putting our grubby hands on the Thrustmaster T300 GT Edition compliments the whole experience even further. The amount of feedback and steering tightness is almost perfect. It was a slight disappointment that the AI wasn’t that challenging but we guessed it was toned down for masses to enjoy. Overall, we felt GT Sports looks and feels great. There are definitely some parts that needed some polish nonetheless things definitely looked promising as the game nears it’s launch date.

Taiko Drum Master PS4 Edition

The famous arcade drumming game has finally come to consoles. Fans of the arcade game will be pleased to know the game majority favorite songs will be in it. From the demo we have played, the gameplay remains the same to it’s arcade counterpart. The visuals seemed to look updated but nothing too drastic. The booth came together with the drum controller and it was a mix feel for us.  Firstly, the size is much smaller then the arcade one. It will take some getting used to. Secondly, we felt the sensitivity of the drums were off. Hitting the center at time did not register for the game. Whether it was hardware or software issue is beyond us. Other than that, the game is a blast to play and even more so when playing with a bunch of friends around. With the addition of online ranking, this will definitely kick some competitiveness among players when the game arrives. It is a definite buy for us.

Ni No Kuni II

Ni No Kuni II is a definitely attention catcher. As we walked towards the booth, we can’t help but feeling charmed by it’s amazing anime-ish visuals. The demo itself is largely just two bosses. First features a boss called Longfang the Kingmaker while the second one is called Thogg. Out of the two, we felt the former was needlessly long. While getting hits were easy but the boss felt like a sponge. Thankfully the fight was broken down to a few arenas. It made the fight a little less of a slog feast. Quite a number of things were changed. The combat leans towards real time action. No longer there are familiars but instead replaced with Higgledies. Despite the changes, we did had fun with the game though there was a fair share of issues we encountered. The camera controls for instance were a hit and miss especially Longfang fight. At one point we had a hard time locking on to the boss while using the Higgledies to block from it’s fire attacks. Nonetheless, the game ran smoothly without any hiccups as far as we have played. Regardless, we still find what we love about Ni No Kuni II. The game still intrigued us and it is definitely one of titles that is worth looking out for next year.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Another game with another long queue. Playing as your favorite Saiyan and bashing villains in style, who couldn’t resist that. First things first, the graphics were amazing. It is like literally watching (and playing) an episode from the series interactively. The animation of each attacks are jaw dropping. We couldn’t help but to stop and stare at each movement we pressed. The controls were smooth and responsive though there was a slight input lag. Despite of that, we had so much fun that we actually queued again to have another go. The only complaint we all shared is the AI for this build was rather dumped down and provided not much challenge. The match also couldn’t last more than a few minutes for us to thoroughly test out each fighter. Nonetheless, this is still a definitely day-1 purchase for us.

Detroid: Become Human

This is also another visual heavyweight with a strong story to boot. Anybody familiar with Heavy Rain will definitely feel right at home. What makes this even better then Heavy Rain? we say…everything. The story is more profound then David Cage‘s previous games. The controls are a lot more fluid and intuitive. The camera angles are placed well that it doesn’t feel obstructive. It gives a clear view what you should be looking out for. Furthermore, it handles angles such as entering a room through a door or going into a corner with smooth and precision. Most games can’t get this right but Detroit handles it superbly. As for the gameplay, it seems the choices you make carries a heavier consequences or changes as the story progresses. It truly gives a very immersive feel unlike any we have felt before. Definitely another title that is worth the attention as it is released.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

In all true honesty, there is very little to shout about for this game. If anyone has played the previous installment, there is very little to discover. The additions of the Infinity Stones does add more to the table and changes up the gameplay. In comparison to the previous installment, we felt this one is a little slower in pace though this may attributed by the two-team setup. The one button combo and super were a mix bag to some of us. We do felt it cheapens the experience but for the sake having more new players trying it, it is probably for the best. Controls are responsive and tight thought some may argue the button layouts does not feel appropriate for this game. Nonetheless, our expectations for this game is between middle and low unless Capcom decides to spice things up later on.


One of the more smaller titles at the event. Matterfall is a 2D platformer that plays almost like a Metroid game. We find the graphics were not smooth and blurred but it may have been the display that was put on. The controls are responsive though may take some getting used to as the usual actions like shoot and jump are attached to the shoulder buttons. Due to the time limit that we are given to play the game, we aren’t thoroughly clear about the premise of the game. However, what we do like is the the effects of the game when stuffs explodes are quite the display and the sound is pretty awesome as well. The soundtrack accompanied to it is fitting and can be addictive for some. We may or may not set our eyes on this game for a further review but fingers crossed.

The lack of space for our poor feet prevented us from snapping a photo of the booth.

Bravo team VR

One of the VR games on the show. Bravo Team VR is a cover based shooter which we actually had fun with it. It has been a long coming since we had any fun games on the PSVR. One thing that stuck out the most for us is how it utilizes the controls well especially with the Aim Controller. The immersion may not be 100% but it is still close enough to give us a good feel how intense an escort mission can get. Leaning left or right to get in cover and raising and lining the iron sight with the Aim Controller never felt this good. We even found out we can even do blind firing by just raising the Aim Controller above our heads. How cool is that!. We definitely recommend this as one of the upcoming VR titles to look out for. It an experience worth trying out.


So those are the games that we managed to gotten our sweaty hands on. Sadly to say that with the onslaught of crowd, we did more legwork then with our hands. Sony take note, bigger venue please. Nonetheless, we did our best to observe the games on the sidelines and we will make another cover for them on a separately very soon. So stay tune.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed Malaysia’s first gaming event and we truly hoped this will not be the last and there will be more to come. So everyone, it is time for us to make a stamp on the world that Malaysian gamers are as big and enthusiastic as any other countries out there.


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