Playstation Asia mysterious tease coming in August

In what seems to be a rather out of the usual, Playstation Asia just recently posted up an image at their facebook page that got many Playstation fans curious about. There are two interesting to facts about the post. Firstly, it was clearly visible for those that only subscribe to Playstation Asia page. Secondly, it is only visible. Playstation Asia said nothing more of the image other than to request fans to mark the date down on their calendar. Outside of the location which is to be in Kuala Lumpur and the date which is set to be on August 5th, there isn’t much to go around. What could Playstation Asia have installed for us?

Many fans were speculating of a new hardware launch. Could this be the Playstation 5 that many fans have been raving about?. Personally, that possibility is rather low given the fact that Sony has not many any announcement or launch during E3. With not much clues to go around, the possibility can be varied from announcements of new games or services to a ground event.  We are admittedly very curious and excited the same.

Stay tune with us as we close in on August 5th to see what the guys at Playstation Asia have installed for us.

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