PlayStation 4 – January 2018 Game Releases

January 2018 starts with a Kamehameha!!!!

Happy New Year. I know I am late for this game release but it is better late than never. The month of January kicks start with many anticipated game from the land of the rising sun Japan. Without wasting any time let us see some highlights of this month.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory – January 19th

The next installment in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. After being accused of a crime you didn’t commit, Keisuke Amazawa is force to dive into the Digital World and prove his innocence. Players and fans of the series will enjoy once again the turn base action gameplay using Digimon.

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode Four: What Ails You – January 23rd

The next install in Telltales Batman Series will be coming up. The first Batman: The Telltale Series free for all PSN Plus users this month. People who enjoy the first series can still catch up in the second before the finally episode 5 is released.

The Inpatient – January 23th

The first VR game for 2018 has arrive and it has pedigree. The Inpatient is a horror game set before the event of 2015 game Until Dawn. The game will be in first person and VR will bring back horrid memoeries of a certain other game (*cough* Resident Evil 7 *cough*). The decisions you make in game will effect the ending of the game so choose wisely.

Monster Hunter: World – January 26th

Well the long awaiting debut of the Monster Hunter series to the PlayStation 4 has arrived. Bringing an open world with old and new monster alike. Fans of the series are going to have sleepless nights hunting. Hopefully we can get a review done if some of our bunnies do not get lost in the world….. Monster Hunter: World

Dragon Ball FighterZ – January 26th

One of the most anticipated games of this month. Bandai has finally made a 2.5 Dragon Ball game for the PlayStation 4 and it looks good. Even near it’s release date, many new characters are being announce like how Hit and Goku Black was announce recently. This game will be one of the hottest fighting game this year with EVO tournament this year.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – January 30th

We end the month with another fighting game. Final Fantasy Dissidia is no stranger on the PlayStation Portable. It now makes it’s debut on the console. With new mechanics and latest character from Final Fantasy 15, this game will make any Final Fantasy fan jump in joy.


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