Classic Playstation game, Fear Effect getting remastered treatment

Fear Effect Getting a makeover for 2018.

With Gamescom just around the corner, it is no surprise there would be announcements of more games. One such news comes in the form of a Playstation classic. Fear Effect was released on 2000  by now-defunct Kronos Digital Entertainment. This classic cult game will be getting a new makeover in the hands of French studio Sushee and will be called Fear Effect Reinvented.

The original Fear Effect was one of the first game to feature a cell shaded art technique. This technique is now famously used in games especially those which featured anime characters like the Naruto Ninja Storm series, the much anticipated Ni No Kuni II and the current king of cell shaded game Persona 5. The old game also uses full-motion video instead of the normal pre-rendered 2D background. The full-motion video was loop to create the background. This causes the game to have four disc. Well times has change and from what is shown, the game will now have a full 3D environment and it will now fit in a single disc.

Fear Effect Reinvented will sport a stronger visual appeal as well as improved controls and camera angles. Check out the teaser above. The game is planned to release for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch on 2018.

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