Ex-Just Cause Devs announces BioMutant, Gameplay footage updated

Quite recently BioMutant surfaced on to the net as a leak in GamesMarkt, a German magazine. The leaked paged details including some screenshots and some minor info regarding on the game’s mechanics. Most striking evident is that the main character seems to an adorable looking beasties whom kind of resembles Rocket Racoon.

Further more, a new announcement trailer was just released but without any evident of gameplay to be seen sadly. According to the game’s official website, BioMutant is set to be an open-world in a post-apocalyptic story. There will be a mix between martial-arts, guns, special abilities, prosthetics and mutations can be used to augment their abilities and create physical changes. Robotic sidekicks, mechs, UFOs and even a crafting system. This does indeed sound very intriguing. However, details on story plot remains to be absolute vague.Considering the ex-Just Cause devs are behind it, one can only imagine what these guys can cook up. Check out the trailer below.


BioMutant is set to release on 2018 on the PS4, XboxOne and Windows PC. A Collector’s Edition was also just announced and it is currently up for pre-order.


Gameplay footage

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