Monster Hunter: World PlayStation Exclusive Beta coming in December

We are almost counting down towards the end of 2017 yet the excitement keeps increasing especially for PlayStation fans.

Capcom is launching a beta for Monster Hunter World this coming December, and it will be a PlayStation exclusive. The  beta will run from December 9th to December 12th and along with it comes three different quest which can be played either co-operatively online or solo. Two of those quest will take place at the Great Forest map where hunters will get to take on the Great Jagras or Anjanath which is described as “fiery and territoria.” The third quest will take place in a desert-like place called the Wildspire Waste, where an armored Barroth awaits them hunters.

During Paris Games Week, a new trailer was unveiled and it showcased a new in-game area, known as the Rotten Vale. Capcom describes the new location, “the tougher the environment gets with a dangerous and toxic mist blanketing the land obscuring the perils that lurk nearby until the very last minute.”

The beta itself already sounds awesome and we can’t wait get our hands on it. We will be covering more on the beta once it hits in Playstation Store so stay tune. Worth noting as well that the beta requires a PlayStation Plus Subscribtion in order to play.






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