Dragon Ball Fighter Z, A dream come true for fans

We also have prepared a write up of the game for our Chinese literate readers. Do check it out.

龙珠斗士Z (Dragon Ball Fighter Z)即将登场!?


Dragon Ball is no stranger to anime fans let alone a gamer. Anyone that knows about the franchise pretty much grew up around it. Last two weeks, Dragon Ball Fighter Z was unveiled at Microsoft E3 Press Conference. Developed by the folks at Arcsys whom are well known for their other 2D anime fighting games such as Guilty Gear and Blazblue. Dragon Ball Fighter Z boast the usual colorful characters we come to know and love. Arcsys’s prowess in anime-ish visuals is very evident here. The visual treatment is the same as Guilty Gear Xrd. The characters are rendered in 3D, enabling the camera to move around for some flashy effect. When viewed on a 2D perspective, the characters themselves look like highly drawn sprites.

The game is set as a 3 vs 3 match up akin to Marvel vs Capcom 3. The pace and the over the top action is a pure reminiscent to the MvC series. Dragon Ball Fighter Z (DBZF) features a 4 button attack scheme.  There is Light attack, Medium Attack, Heavy attack and a Special attack. The special attack performs projectile attacks which are not damaging and meant to be used to stop opponents from rushing in. The shoulder buttons consist of Super Dash and Dragon Rush. Super Dash allows you to a homing dash to approach opponents while avoiding any projectile attacks. The Dragon Rush is a dashing move which once connects, will launch a rush attack that cannot be guarded and ends with a launcher move.

In addition, The game features auto combos when mashing the light or medium attacks. The combos are not the most optimal ones. There are meant for those that have trouble pulling even the most basic bread and butter.  These auto combos may sound convenient but there is a trade off. They deal  much less damage than normal combos. Once a player has gotten the ropes, these auto combos are seldom relied on.

DBFZ will feature 20 plus characters though the amount has not been confirmed yet. Based on the demo, there are currently only 6 characters to choose from. Namely there are Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Perfect Cell, Frieza and Buu. Bandai Namco also just announced not long that Future Trunks has been added in their latest build of the game. The Dragon Ball universe has a huge cast and considering the process of making a character for the game is not easy, I expected no less than 30 characters to be featured.

Simplicity seems to be one of the main core for it’s gameplay. Each characters carries a set of universal abilities – homing dash, rush, teleportation, etc…, however, each of this tools allow them to open up even further combo opportunities. All characters have optimal combos that are unique to them. Furthermore, with the addition to assists, it allows even more further experimentation on team synergy much like in MvC3.

I personally can’t wait how DBZF going to shape up to be as we progress the second half of 2017. There already have been lots of iterations of Dragon Ball  games but DBZF delivers in what fans have been yearning for. A Dragon Ball game that is in its purest fighting game form. As a fan that grew up to the manga, this truly is reliving a childhood moment in modern times.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z will be released on early of 2018. It will be coming to PS4, and Xbox One. It will be a console exclusive launch title for Xbox One X. Check out our gallery below for a further look of the game.

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