FFXV : Nkydoomer won the chocobo race against Iris!

So here is the story. Our abang (Big bro) Kenn-ied has given those playing Final Fantasy XV in BunnyTeam community 3 challenges. The first one to complete any of the said challenges will get himself a RM 20 Starbucks gift card from our abang Kenn-ied. The 3 challenges are :

1) Achieve Rank 10 in Hunting.

2) Beat Iris on a Chocobo Race [ Completed by Nkydoomer ]

3) Reach 99x treasure box for pinball, either version.

Tadaaaaa and so the video above submitted by Nkydoomer showing his victory in a very very close and exciting race with Iris, winning himself a RM 20 Starbucks gift card ! Two more challenges to go ! Who’s next ?

**Only members of the BunnyTeam Community are eligible to participate **


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